From Perfection to Complication

He’s her strength, with him she’s weak

He’s her drug, with him she’s sick

He’s her cure, with him she’s hurt

He’s her boon, with him she’s cursed

He’s her reality, with him she’s fantasize

He’s her happiness, with him she cries

He’s her despair, with him she’s grieved

She’s his hope, with her he’s fulfilled

He’s her part

She’s her world.

~ Minmoy

High Philosophy

Time and tide waits for none“.

Fuck the tide. But time definitely came to a halt that very moment.

I looked at my watch which to my utter astonishment was running faster than ever.

A complete paradox. Is this mean that the world is about to end.

Well, if so I needa fly high out of this planet.

I need to fly and be in Earth’s orbit. Not to be surreal but to witness it. To see it all end right in front of me. I can’t think of anything that’d relate to it. A beautiful end. A moment of chaos and than everything falls to rest, even if not for eternity. The fall of humans? That might be a little too strong to take in. But from where I am right now, it all seems possible. The only speed dial on my phone is my friendly paddler who delivers home.I see things through clougged eyes, my mouth has the hunger, but I’m to stoned to drive.

I just need another puff to keep me going. And than, another one.

Score it

Crush it

Roll it

Smoke lit

~ A Minmoy Gondhia and Mrigank Bezbaruah collaboration