I thought to sail with the flow after you’re gone.

But little did I knew that this’s gonna be so fucking difficult.

Life is down, everything around me is dark.

Everything seems black with my eyes opened, and dreams too are dark.

To search for happiness now is like to search for a soul within a corpse.
And now as I try to move on

Something whispers in my ears

And says ” you’re not alone”

Well, do you even give a damn about my existence!?

If yes, you shouldn’t have gone.
And this’s gonna be my last letter to you.

However you gonna rule my heart forever,

As a buddy, bestie, sister or whatever.

But never as a girlfriend.
To the love who stood beside me.

You were my umbrella during the rain,

My shelter during hail.

You were the door to my incomplete place,

Precisely the door to happiness,

The door to the feeling of love.
And today, as I now lock the same door,

With the heavy rain washing me down

And as I look above.

I realize there’s no one to hold the umbrella.

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