Broken promises..

minmoy gondhia bloggerHey there.! Greetings to you Tomboy.

Only a few days have passed since I parted from you and already it is as though I had been a decade away from you, although I can avow that not one hour has passed without your memory which has become a very much close companion to my thoughts. There were nights when I used to wake up with cold sweats having nightmares of losing you. I didn’t want this fairy-tale of ours to become a tale of horror.

It was just during the carnival that I came across you. You were in a black leather jacket and some short of ripped denims taking the limelight. Honestly it wasn’t a love at first sight though. But yeah, gradually we started knowing each other. Those 2AM talks, the movies, the casual hangouts after classes and not to mention bunking those extra classes for getting high smoking cannabis.

How I wish, I could turn back time and get back to those days I had spent laughing with you, dreaming with you and building our future… Now you’re gone, and I’m miserable.
Hi. Although I don’t know you much“. That was the first text I started with. But now even after 8 months I still feel I don’t at all know you much.

Now I wake up every morning with the hope to find you by my side, smiling down at me. I still relish the warmth of your hugs. I still wish that I will find protection your embraces. My lips still smile when they remember your touches upon them. My love, have you not realized just how much I miss you?

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