Mom : an Angel in Disguise

Raghav, a 16 year old student of Jyoti Niketan ( a school for blind ) lived with his mom in the outskirts of Guwahati. He lost his capability of seeing the world when he met with an accident as an infant.

He was often filled with animosity and despised the world as he didn’t had a friend zone , but a mother who loved him deeply and was supportive in all his steps.
The fact he couldn’t see the world often made him weak and he would try ending up his life. But it was always his mother who would rush every time to save her dearest son.
Suddenly one day someone donated him a pair of eyes. And that’s when he finally saw the world, his entire environment around. But he was astonished to she his mom was blind. He never enquired the reason as he didn’t want to make her depressed or feel sad about it. He knew very well how it feels to be in the dark every time.
But as time passed Raghav got a whole new group of friends, spending most of the time with them. This created an emotional gap with his mother. He now felt embarrassed in addressing his mother with his friends who often came to his place for usual hangouts or sometimes for a house party.
Finally one day Ragav decided to send his mom to an old age home. So He approached her ” Mom I need to talk to you ” . “Yes, my dear please speak up . Is something bothering you!?” She enquired . ” actually mom I was thinking , if you could spend your coming days in the old age home “.

but why ? Aren’t you happy with me!!” .

Ragav paused for a moment and with a heavy heart he spoke up ” well, mom you would have a much better company there. And moreover ,honestly I don’t feel good to introduce you to my friends. Because you’re blind , while I have my eye sight now” .
Hearing this , without defending herself or even uttering a word she left for the old age home. There was a still quietness in the car. Finally the destination arrived and he opened the door for his mother , She stood there with her shaky wrist trying to touch her son for the one last time. Ragav guided her hand. With a tear in her eye and a smile on her face, she meekly said, “I completely understand. I just want you to always be happy. Take care of yourself, and my eyes.”

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